Download For Mac OS

Password Armor is a must-have password recovery tool for Mac users. It not only equips all the necessary features to provide you the top-notch password security but also ensures that your online information remains secure.


Best Password Manager for Mac OS

Password Armor is an essential password recovery tool that every Mac user should have.  It is simply impossible to remember passwords for each and every account and that is when Password Armor comes into the picture. It's the ultimate Password Manager you need and is intended to protect your account from any criminal mischief. Any Mac user can completely rely on Password Armor for keeping their passwords safe and secure all the time.

Secure Password vault

Password Armor protects your passwords by storing them in a secure vault. The vault is four-way secured and accessible only by the authorized person.

100% password recovery

Lost your password? Password Armor will ensure 100% password recovery for all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

End-to-end encryption

Password Armor relies on leading encryption algorithms as it stores your password in an encrypted form. This means that your privacy is 100% protected with password armor.

Install Password Armor in Mac

Follow the steps given below to download and install Password Armor in your Mac device.